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Default Site issues...

I have been dealing with site issues for a while. I couldn't address it before due to the issues. I have an android phone and tablet, and the issues are identical on both. Board cookies and such are not the issue...

1. On the mobile version, which is what I was stuck on for the last few months, If you tried to reply to a post, or send a pm, it would tell you you were not logged in, even though it shows that you were logged in, logging out and back in, resulted in the same message.

2. On the full site, that I finally found where to switch over, it does allow me to reply to posts. It also shows that a pm was sent successfully. When I look back in my message folder it does not show that I sent the message. I sent one the the Moderator and one to the Administrator, and no reply back, so I assume that the messaging is not working either.

3. The main forum page does not let me access the messages, the icon for that shows up only after entering one of the sub forums.

4. The Do Not Sell My Personal Information link that mysteriously appeared needs some explanation. Clicking on that shows just a page to put your information in, I dont want to do that, if it is for sale, lol...
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