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1st thing i need to say is I am not the buyer, Mr. Dave Dunlap is and is a friend of mine, Dave is old school and does not use a computer and asked me to help him out. Seems Murray at Cam performance sold Dave a Blown Big block chevy ready to drop in and go, the deal has gone on for over 3 years (this is Daves statement to me) and he paid Murray over $20K for this engine, as of today he still does not have it. Murray sent me a message a couple weeks ago and said the engine was on the dyno but he was waiting for a few small parts. Okay, maybe so here is what I think would be a good faith on Murrays part, take a few pictures of Daves engine along with a list of parts you used in the build,Post them on this site, that will show that in fact you do have an engine for Dave and it will let all of us know what you put in the build. I am not calling you a scammer but I posted this over 6 months ago and you called Dave and put a little scare in him and told him I better take it off this site, and I did because Dave asked me to. So lets get this cleared up and make your customer happy, just give him what he paid for, its an easy deal.Murray Lets get you on here to tell your side of the story, you say he still owes you money, he says you are paid in full. How about those pictures of Daves engine??? Do you have his engine?UPDATE: Murray sent me a list of parts he said was used in the engine build as I requested, not sure why he did not come on here and post them but here is his parts list.#1. Block is our "PRO" block. #2. Diamond pistons. #3. 4340 forged rods. #4. 4340 forged crank. (he gave no brand names is why i did not post them) #5 Howards Hyd roller cam. #6.Afr 220 heads ans Jesel shaft rockers, manly push rods. #7. Cloyes timing chain. #8.Moroso oil pan and pump. #9.Msd distributor. #10. CVR electric water pump. #11. Moroso Vacuum pump.#12.ATI dampner. #13.Arp fastners. #14.FEL pro gaskets. #15.Blower Shop Alky 871 blower. #16,. Enderle Bug catcher injector.

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