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Default How much am I leaving on the table?

This is a sbc 350 with modified Edelbrock Performer heads.These heads will flow decent out of the box up to .575 lift.My current cam is the XE274 .490/.490 230/236 at 110 lsa.

Pump gas motor 3600 10 inch stall verter with 3.73 gears car weighs ruffly 3800 pounds.Best pass to date has been a 7.45 in the 8th mile on a 150 hit off the bottle.

I would like to revise the cam sense the heads will allow more lift/more volume.Motor runs very well I just dont want to screw up the combo or make changes such as new converter or change the rear gear ratio.

If this helps at 6000 rpms 8th mile its done on making any steam..
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