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Well he had my bud change his nitrous jets.The stipulation was no changes were to be made to either cars.Ron was doing this under my nose but the change to his tune was leaked out to me.Fight fire with fire so yea I did my thing too.
Ive raced Ron for years and he has never got the W against me.With that said ANYTHING to WIN stipulation or not.Two weeks later he jetted his nitrous kit up again.Trying to ET better than me sense we both had the time slips from the previous race.He broke his rearend on the launch.
To this day he continues to call me asking what mods have I done to my car.I have learned to keep my mouth shut sense we grudge race each other.
Yea shut down could be better.Track is only 3 miles from my location and my car is slow.I can live with the shut down.

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