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Default Re: i'm chilling

Originally Posted by latemod007
Originally Posted by BEAST477
Originally Posted by lively
man o man --people are VEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRY TOUCHY on here at times :?


by the way WELCOME to the forum!!!! :wink:
Thanks Lively. It does seem like people are really touchy lately or do I just bring out the best in people. :wink:
no problem i'm chilling but he pissed me off
You have NO reason to be pi$$ed off Latemod.

Beast was stating a published fact.

Read this link, top sticky on the Scammer page:

From this article on CNBC

as posted:Car Buyers Beware: Nine Notorious Scams

By Colleen Kane | CNBC – 22 hours agotweet56EmailPrint


"Wire Service Scam

Wire services such as Western Union and Money Gram are a favorite with scammers because financial transactions can be conducted anonymously and the recipient doesn’t have to offer proof of any service rendered or goods exchanged in order to collect the cash. A wire service scam in auto sales involves a potential buyer receiving an invoice stating that wire services can be used to complete transactions online. The buyer is advised this is the common payment method used by the site. If the supposed car seller doesn’t recommend using a legitimate escrow service, such as, to complete the transaction, it’s probably best to carry on the car search elsewhere.

The Sticky's are there to help you. Use that help. Auto buying or parts buying, there is no difference.

And if you are ticked at Beast for stating the obvious and trying to help you- Kick a note to CNBC as well.

That you used a service that scammers also use simply makes you an EXCEPTION not the norm.

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