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I will say one last thing on this and I'm sure tom can back me up on this i was a member when i this was going on and still am .
If he can look back i very seldom made a post just because no matter what you said you would get pounded over it right or wrong it didn't matter
i don't know how many post that i have made in the last year or so but it's a lot compared to before tom has done a unbelievable job since he took over and continues to do so.
i was like the fourteenth person to join MSV and i enjoy the site very much they are a great group of guy's and I'm on there everyday .
Both places have a lot to offer and George is a great guy and a great addition to the MSV admin. group.
and I'm proud to say that iv seen both these guy's effort to do a outstanding job and handle things like men the way it should be .
Ron owens. Done
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