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Now come buy my 4 sec 10.5 1967 Outlaw Nova. Don't waste your time with those (everbody has one ) mustangs.....Jk lol...on the mustang anyhow...
Hey I like good ol GM iron as much as the next guy. But I love mustangs more.
Them mustangs run awesome."Built Ford tough with Chevy stuff"....lol
Hey now Some of the Chevy guys better really look at that LS motor. That is right out of Ford's Small Block. You know it uses virtually the same bore spacing as a SBF now, the same firing order as a SBF now, and it also uses symmetrical intake/exhaust runners, and identical head bolt spacing (4 around each cylinder). It basically completely dumps the SBC of old and takes a page right out of Ford.

I know some people that have had custom camshafts ground to run LS heads on a SBF block as they will bolt right up. I mean, I'm a big fan of the new LS stuff, but it's kinda plain to see where it came from

I would imagine Ford, had they not stopped making pushrod V8's in the 90's, would have gone to a beefier block/crossbolted mains and some of the other upgrades a factory LS has over a factory Ford block of old, but the Mod motor blocks they replaced the old pushrod motors with also do just that (good to 1000HP from the factory).

Not trying to get into a debate, but as a long time Chevy guy and a long time Ford guy, the LS, to me, is a direct ripoff from Ford. Hell, I remember all the Chevy guys making fun of the Ford guys back in the day about the distributor being in front. Guess where an LS distributor sits? I'm just sayin. The motor should do good. It always did for Ford

To give you an example. Here's an old 5.0HO head gasket mating up to an LS head. Kinda makes you think a bit eh? Grab the SBC head gasket of old and they aren't even close.

And then the LS heads on a Ford small block:

So to your statement. "LS is the best Ford motor Chevy ever Built"

PS - I'm just giving you crap. Don't get upset. I'm a horsepower junkie and like them all
No brother don't you even think for a SECOND I would get bent with you on this stuff.I am actually impressed with your latest knowledge of chevy/Ford and the LS motor . I too love them all...all jokes aside I could not afford FORD FE stuff growing up..lol... FORD IMO also killed CHEVY when the came out with the 69 bodystyle retro look Don't know what Chevy was thinking with that BIG BLOCKY looking camaro bodystyle it does NOTHING for me at all. I mean what was they thinking why didn't they go with their homerun 69 camaro body style..I would have started counting my pennies for that one..I mean make a spec car or a very limited series of the 69 body style and equal it to some off the shelve FORD horsepower and see where it goes. And last FORD took NO FEDERAL BAILOUT MONEY when the economy tanked..So my next truck (F250) or family car will be a FORD.

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