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Default New idea about Trades

Hey guys
Kinda had an idea so i thought I would throw it out here to get tossed around. I emailed the site about it so here goes. I am 53 retired due to disability and have loved the car hobby since age 18. I live in Texas. I have noticed as I have looked through the trades wanted ads that there are lots of potential maTCHES that are not seeming to find each other. well I have lots of time and could help out brokering matches. Checking people out make sure things are legit and so forth. maybe we could even design so sort of trade coop center where you list your trader and I find you a match. Hey maybe like a wife finder LOL. Anyway I am an open book I have a well established ebay site and have had over 12 high end collector cars and lots of references. So let me know if any body is interested and we'll see. Thanks a bunch Joh :P :P
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