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It will die once again. There are way too many youths that race in sancioned AMA events in every state. We have a track here that has riders from 6 years old to adult. It is packed every weekend throughout the summer. They have 8 year olds jumping 50 feet on KTM seniors. Very humbling seeing an 8 year old that could probably beat a lot of adults in a race. Another wasted expediture of tax payers money. I agree with the helmet of coarse, and the kids not thinking before they rip across the yard wide open with another kid on the back and hitting a tree. That needs to be adressed and really falls under irresponsible parenting for letting it happen.

We actually had a grandmother giving her toddler grandson a ride a year or so ago. She hit something, or flipped it and killed the child. And last year a friend of mine bought his kid a quad and let him just go full tilt until he broke his back.
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