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Originally Posted by mooneye777
One thing that probably everyone over looks, as I have never checked before but do now. On my old dragster I had just made my second pass of the day. I parked in the pits, a couple minutes later my wife said hey your car is very lightly smoking around the right side rear brake, I figured, YA its probably hot. So i looked to please her mostly as she does not like me driving that fast anyway,. And one of the bolts holding the brake disc to the hub had backed out. It had sawed through the aluminum caliper mounting bracket, no joke only 1/32 of an inch was all that was left hohling the caliper on the rear end housing. Had She not seen that my next pass would have been a total catostrofic failure in my 8.90 super comp car. It would have ripped that caliper off and at about 157 mph, AAAAHHHHHHH NO FU_ _ _ _G Brakes !

So everyone please check your brake mounting gear also.
I had that happen on a custom chopper, I thought i had a brake caliper sticking and rode it 10 miles home. When i pulled in the garage on the smooth concrete the rear wheel locked up. The bolt stuck in the alum caliper bracket. that was a close one!
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