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Originally Posted by cepx111
Nice times there BEAST, should be in the low 9.20's easy with some tweaks and a warm sticky track, goodluck!

Since were on the subject, I'll interject:

I stuck a 7000 chip in my 496 just for the hell of it last year - slowed down or about the same - all runs.
It's now set up with a 6600 rpm shift chip (shift-noid).
It ran a 5.70 @110mph W/ 1.32 short time this past weekend at a short 1/8 mile track.
I'm almost 7800 in the traps ( too much gear 558) which might be why mine didn't react to the change.

Just curious Brian where did you shift your old 511 at?
I noticed we had the same cam and simialr set-ups.

i thought i had a bunch of gear (5.00 w/33inch tire)..lol

i shifted the 511ci manually at the 7200 rpm range...as yiu can see in the ticket...best i ran on motor was a 5.99 @114 on gas.

On alcohol i did a wheel stand (no wheelie bars) had to peddle twice and ran a 5.98 @117 mph..it was on a high 80 pass for sure..
think this is also the pass i hurt the motor..

My car was 3004 lbs with the stock block..its now gonna be little over 3100lbs with the Big 'M'

i gotta a 4.86 gear on stand by,,also got an electric shifter this year..i am hoping for some low 70's or high 60's.


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