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Originally Posted by bjuice
Thats awesome Beast... when you get her leaned on down with a higher rpm shift she is gonna run.

i was gonna run the camaro with the 565ci This past Friday but as you might have seen the South had some really bad weather Friday with 3 tornado's touching down within the county in which i live.

i will turn my 565ci 7400.

also i got wheelie bars on this engine...i had enough of that bumper dragging crap.. sqweenching up when i let go of the button is not My idea of Fun in my older days...lol....
I'll go ahead and say you will go into the high 90's once you get everything where you feel good.
Yeah bjuice i went with the wheelie bars this year too. I'm glad i did we chalked up the wheels laid down some good straight 40'-50' marks. Felt good. I think i'll pickup some bigger chips for the MSD today and work on my reflexes although my reaction times were good. 1st -.007 2nd .028 3rd .015. I'd take those anyday.
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