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Yep, David,

I know that nitrous can be used to suppliment to the injection system, but it requires lot's of extra plumbing and controls, i can just change the return jets and high speed leanout pressure and add nitro and go from there, it's cheaper and just as efective. I know that nitro is expensive, nitrous is also and requires lots more plumbing. HeHe :P , i can also add watermelon juice and cover up the smell of nitro, and there's no way i can hide a nitrous setup with stacks. I'll just wait and see what i can run at Byhalia, then go from there, either way i'll be prepared. That's the way us hillbillys are, if we show up we'll be ready, just as in the 55chevy, with a toilet bowl, which surprises a lot of people. We only have 2 things in mind, how to make good shine and how to go fast. HaHa :P , you know i'm kiddin

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