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Originally Posted by sg1586
If you go with the Magaflow mufflers after the collector put some tail pipes on it, say just bufore the rear axle. That will also give it a deep mellow tone. Down spouts are a must........Good Luck at pinks
I kicked that idea around too. We are looking at a 1st gen camaro(s) that could be SG/SP and we will run either a 14:1 racing gas 540 or a 10:1 pump gas version. I figure the pump gas version would be noticably quieter, that's why I am considering it even though I would be giving up some HP. It sound like right now from the conversations I have had on this forum that I will try the Magnaflows and run the pipes out to in front of the back wheels to get rid of some of the noise and to help keep exhaust fumes out of the car.
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