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Default Picture posting?

Thanks Zip. You come to the rescue again. I wasn't always this illiterate, but just don't stay as current with this stuff as I should. We knuckle draggers continue to try and evolve.

I may try this later in the evening. Got to mow the lawn, work on a motorcycle and a few dozen other things today.

Thanks buddy!!

Encouragement is welcome on this foray back into the car world. Even my buddy as he crawled over the old warbeast, commented "this is too nice an old car to not put it back together". Another friend of mine, whom is a dyed in wool Ford guy, was trying to help in my search for a Fox body Mustang, said "this is the right thing to do, it's bringing back a piece of the past".

Maybe with a little luck, it'll be my turn next season to talk about my passes down the track.
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