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Default Re: Resurrecting an old race car - beginnings

Originally Posted by Oldewalnut
Well, first off, I'm apparently not smart enough to use my new computer. I've taken a handfull of photos of my car in it's present state. But, for the life of me, can't copy and paste them to this forum.

I did post them on my "Racespace" profile here on RJ. So, if anyone cares to, you can look up my profile and take a gander at a few views of what the car looks like. Right now, she's just ol' ugly.

Today, I borrowed a friends engine hoist and am starting to disassemble the old thing. I had forgotten how much fun headers are to remove from a 66 Nova. A pleasent surprise, the bolts easily came out of the Brodix heads. I was scared to death they would be frozen into the aluminum. I may get the drivetrain out of her next weekend. Got domestic chores to attend to on Sunday.

My buddy from work that is going to do the body work (the owner of the hoist) came over today to look the car over as well. After hashing over the body work. He crawled under the car and proceeded to try and convince me, we could fix the suspension ourselves. I've never done a four link but he's done a couple. If we can get it in right and straight, I could save myself a ton of money.

Gonna be a long slow process.

Try uploading pics. to www.picoodle.com
And use the forum #1 copy and paste under your post they should then appear on the forum.

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