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Default Interstate Hotel

Originally Posted by suicidebomb
Naw, I think it'a gone, but if it's where I think it was, thats a war zone after the sun goes down. Now yall have to go to Blue Springs to stay at an Interstate Hotel. Blue Springs was a favorite haunt of the James, Youngers, and Bill Quantrill. These boys got themselves famous for shooting up the good citizens, and burning the town of Lawrence, Kansas. The people of Kansas are still pretty TESTY over the whole incident.
Too bad, LOL! Nite I stayed there, we were awoken at about 2 or so in the morning by a gunshot. Had everyone up and out of the motel, milling around. Some wank came out and told everyone to go back to bed, it was only fireworks!!!

I told my wife about this. she wonders where all the "girls" stay now? Reminded me of a truckstop we have up on 37 in Indy, loaded with hookers.
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