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Default any ideas?

ok people.... pulled the carb apart today....lmk if this sounds right?. its a holley 750 dbl pump carb with 71H jets in the front w/PV installed and in the rear it has 73 jets w/extenders and with PV block off installed. now the motor is a mild 383 sbc w/alum heads and around 475hp that runs mid to high 10.70's in the heat and low 10.60's in the colder air with out making any changes to the car. now the car has a PG tranny w/5000 stall with 4.56 gears in a ford 9" and weights 2700 pounds with me in it :wink: my 60' time i feel should be in the upper 1.40s but cant get below 1.52 and not consistent :?

i got the 406 ready to go in the car but i want to find out why this motor isnt running lower in the 60's times first.... cause i know it should be.... :shock:
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