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Man I wish everyone of ya'll could come.

BTW> How many of ya'll are gonna run footbrake? PAPA BEAR wants to

If your car is fast and your in the footbrake program, you might make the fast 4 of footbrake.

Every weekend Mike (promoter announcer extraordinaire) takes the fast 4 cars of footbrake, pairs them up and runs them heads up on a .400 tree.

If you lose the 1st round of F4 you go back into the regular footbrake program in the following round (2nd, not 1st) if your qualified in the fast 4, you do not run the regular footbraker program till you lose, if you do lose, no buy back is required, if you win, you go on to the finals of F4 which runs when they call the 2nd round of FB up.

Now, if you lose in the finals you go on to the 3rd round of footbrake, again, no buy back required, and go on from there.

BUT, if you win the finals of F4, you win your entry fee back ($30) and a nice trophy. 8)
They try to make it worth your while, doing the heads up deal, it's just something they do to thank the faster cars for coming out, plus the crowd always loves a good heads up race.

Whoops, I might need to add this, if you win the F4 your still in the regular footbrake program in the following round (3rd, not 2nd).

In FB & PRO you can buy back twice, 1st & 2nd round.

Buy backs are $15 FB & $20 PRO. If anybody is confused by the fast 4 deal, shoot me a PM and I'll try to explain it clearer.

Just a heads up, most fast four cars normally qualify in the high to mid 5 sec range but I have seen 600 and slower cars make the field.
One more thing, Byhalia is a short 1/8---> 600 foot.

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