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Originally Posted by curtisreed View Post
Thanks for this link. I'm an idiot. I saw the edit profile pic and didn't even notice the avatar option. Was trying to put it in the wrong place. Sorry Swiley383 for the wrong info.
It was our fault actually, for some reason we missed the option to enable Avatars.

Originally Posted by Harbone View Post
I am just happy to have my avatar back!!!

I like the new setup just takes some getting used to. There are a ton more things to do and options to choose when posting a thread.

What I would like to see is the ability to post up a video from youtube, all the othet forums I hang out on have that ability. When you post it is similiar to images but it uses [youtube]"youtube weblink"[/youtube] as the html. Just a suggestion to make the forum more interesting and fun.
I've enabled Video tags.
These can either be used by typing in
 [ VIDEO ] [ / VIDEO ]
(ignore spaces)
around the video link. Or by using the button in the advanced editor - see screenshot:

I'd welcome any more feedback as to how we can make the forum better, we will try our best to implement it. I understand that its a big change, we did a big upgrade to the forum software, so that it can do a lot more and tried to make the look and feel closer to the actual classified site.
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