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Originally Posted by Scooterz
Wabb!! I digg it buddy. You never go half azz.... very good. You motivate me to get out there more & get things handled.
Scooter, not much worse than being 500 yards from the trailer and needed something. Not to mention all the walking around in circles I've done over the years.
I'll tell you something funny about the few times I have taken a golf cart. I'll drive it somewhere and forget about it and walk back then when I realize I left my ride I have to walk back to get it. LOL I'm just so use to walking at the races I forget about it.

This is actually a must have tool for me at the races and I might as well put everything on it I can.
And I really like my stuff to be nice and neat and obviously shinny!
Kinda seems like an oxymoron for a mud racer doesn't it!! lol
Trust me I make sure the race truck, tow truck and everything else is clean before I leave to the races and first thing Sunday morning I start washing and cleaning stuff from the race.

Originally Posted by TheYellaBrick
This has gotten ME all fired up to build one !
Awesome. That means my thread worked!!
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