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He and I traded at a car show over 2 weeks ago, and this is the first I have heard that he was not happy with the trade. I am not sure if it is a case of buyers\traders remorse, but he could have handled it much better and came to me in a professional manner and we could have worked something out, instead, he messaged me and threatened me and now is talking crap in a forum about me. The car deal was not even done through racingjunk and has nothing to do with racingjunk, he was in person at the car show and had every opportunity to walk away and not do the deal, it is not like I blindsided him and he didn't hear the car or see the car in person. And the best part is that after he threatened me and called me a liar about the car, he asked me to make it up on the next car deal, if I am such a liar, then why would he ever want to trade with me again? lol just thought I would give you a bit more details. He looked at the car for over an hour before he made his mind up.
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