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Originally Posted by Tod74
I am not good at typing into words what I mean to say. I am NOT for attacking Syria. THE ONLY reason I said what I did about DD is he reminds me very much of my father in regards to his political beliefs, or I should say my interperatation of his beliefs based on his posts. I meant nothing negative, or disrespectful. Whatever he thinks is his business and he has a right to that.
I am way way far from liberal, I would say i lean closer to the right, but don't see eye to eye with my old man on many things. The war in Iraq being one of them. I was/ am against it and like to point out to him that NO WMDS WERE FOUND....he still stands firm that they WERE there but they got rid of them or something....idk whatever you say POPS. Lol He is also BILL OREILEY's biggest fan....I can't stand him. Anyway, I have great respect for DD and his beliefs....just don't want my comment taken out of context.
Not on this end it wasn't Tod....I too was NOT for the war in Iraq. I was a State Trooper when Dessert Storm kicked off in early 90's..after 1st full week of watching tracer fire from anti-aircraft artilery over Bagdad I went to local Army recruiter and took my asfab 1 week later at the reserve center..had a contract ready to sign coming out of boot camp as 2nd LT as a Military Police.....At the time we (Americans) were being fed the hype this was going to be a 30 yr war with Iraqs 1 million man Army....well after they folded in a matter of a few short months ( days and weeks in some areas ).I saw no use in pursuing the US Army because I was in it for the action......and action as I knew it at the time was over..damn sure over time I finish boot camp, ATI school then deployement...
I told this story as a reminder of goverment HYPE in the kick off of the opening war in the middle East.

The only action in the middle east I have supported was the initial search for Bin-laden in Toro-boro...( which they botched big time) and 2nd when they went and got him in Pakistan.

What many doesn't understand is that Bin-Laden hit us 4 times as we ( Americans) know it before we went after him. They didn't HYPE up the first 3 attacks by Bin-Laden but turned focus on Saadam who was just on the Oprah Winphrey show just months before...the 4th attack by Bin-laden ( twin towers) there was no getting around.

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