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Originally Posted by Swiley383
I got two of mine out on Tuesday put aces rounds down range first time in almost a year . My XD 45 and my model 642 my wife also put a couple trough the though not many . She is not really a big shooter but likes to make sure she remembers how just in case. I did not take her favorite my model 66
S&W 357mag she may have shot more if I did. By the way I was a little rusty it took me a a few rounds.
What many average citizens do not realize is that self defense shootings happen within 6ft or less...the less meaning getting the attacker off you with this said you don't have to be a good shot for self defense but you must be very aware of the situation and be able to access your weapon from disadvantage points quickly while keeping a cool enough head about you....the cooler and calmest you can possible stay even if being assaulted could mean life or death...
This is the very reason at the academy you would put on the gloves three 1 minute rounds all you can go. It wasn't a win lose contest but a drill to let troopers experience a full blow from a man then coached on thought process after getting your bell rung and being out of breath

We even had stress course shooting course running,dragging 150 sand bags...more running ,Blaring sirens...the shooting part came at the end of it..purpose was to elavate heart rate scramble the thought process before firing..the training part came with coaching on controlled breathing and slowing down thought process under stress. 2nd time around everyone improved.
We also drilled day after day a drill called ROCK AND FIRE. 3ft from target we would un holster from point shoulder to a blated position firing under opposite arm double tap..about a 1 second move on a average shooter.

Military uses same training tatics..speacial forces units to extreme..they train so much when chaos begins their mind goes into training mode and they execute without thinking about it.
I read the book on Seal team 6 and their training for the bin-laden raid. They landed and executed the mission in training several hundred times to where they knew the # of steps from chopper to front door. They have total control over their emotions and thought process. Many were reported sleeping on the chopper on the 1 hour flight under radar into pakistan to the bin-laden mission..talking about cool ..oh yeah they shoot so much they have calis on shooting hand...sorry so long this stuff does it for me ... :P

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