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Originally Posted by outlaw256
i have read upon him.alot. he is also from Alabama.shooting is natural around here. my son Dillon could shoot as good as that kid if not better by the time he was -10 12 yrs old.i know I showed him how!lolmy dad taught my mom and she could out shoot most guys . I taught my wife and now I say yes ma,am and no ma,am
Funny you mentioned that..My wife is an Army Vet and really skillful with an AR-15 type weapon...she took my old service revolver ( Model #10 .38 Cal S/W ) to her Concealed weapons class and out shot every guy in the class...with a perfect score.. all k-5 hits..with Plus P rounds

She carries a Model #642 .38 S/W Hammerless Airweight.. I purchased her a set of crimson trace laser grips for Valentines

I know there is a Higher power that overlooks Dumb a$$es and Young people ( the same I guess in a way )...When that guy walked up on my wife this past Rainey Christmas night while she was reading on our back porch...this was one of the rare times she was sitting there reading and DID NOT have her .38 in her house coat pocket...I told the deputies that locked him up a few nights later how lucky this cat was...She was scared enough to pull the trigger !!! I ask her later on could or would she have shot him and she looked me in the eye and said " YES" and she did not blink or crack a smile.......As you know Outlaw you DO NOT want ANY scared person with a gun pointed at you...not a scared WOMEN FOR SURE.. :roll: :shock:

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