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Default Do you believe this guy...do u think im wrong ?

here is what happened, i traded a 69 camaro for a 98 corvette.

i had the vette maybe 5 days and this NEVALAST (profile name) guy wants to trade his 55 chevy for my vette.

i drive the vette 1 1/2 hours to his house....he looks at it....drives it...wants it...we do the trade....

he puts the car on here, someone wants it, does a car fax on it, finds out it was in 2 wrecks....and NOW says i f$%#@% him....

i didnt have the car not even a week...i dont know about you but i dont do car faxes on 15 year old cars......it was just a trader car that he looked at and wanted....

now he is bashing me and i dont think im in the wrong DO YOU ???
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