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Originally Posted by bjuice
i will assemble a no HP dailey Driver Motor.....but i ain't gonna try and pack that stuff in on this High Dollar 1400hp Big chief talking about 500 to 700 assembly fee....and when you got over 20k or more in a the math...... :roll: .

If you don't think there is A difference in a mechanically inclined weekend warrior putting the motor together compared To the likes of a Gene Fulton...think again......and i do not mean just a Hp thing...i mean the longevity of the motor....protect your investment !!!!

Well, hate to tell ya, but this weekend warrior has only had 3 motors in 18 years...

454 - Over revvd due to loose converter and floated the valves.

505 - Too lean and too much timing, banged the blower, bent an Oliver rod, and cracked #5 cylinder wall.

568 - 6 passes on it... still perfect.

I guess it comes down to knowing how measure properly, knowing what the clearances should be in the first place, and having the proper tools to do the job correctly.

Anyone can make a mistake, even Fulton, Oddy, Reher Morrison, Sonny Leonard, etc etc etc... I'd sooner have it be my fault if the assembly is incorrect than someone else who I paid to do it and then says "Well, it's a race motor".
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