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Originally Posted by woodsman
Brian man no wheelie bars running that kind of times I have seen some cars running way slower then that and get way up in the air if they don't spin and tear there oil pan up.I got wheelie bars on mine and I have just gone 7.25 just in case I need them. Well anyway it sure looked good on the track. I hope the 454-r gets you another tenth I was off on my guess by .06 thats a lot. But I can say I gave it my best shot. Stay with it you will see some 80's.
yeah i know Wes...but i am squeezing mine for about all it has right now..i might see another tenth or so with some fine tunning, but in all reality if i see 80's in street trim at this weight i will be very luckey..not too much more i can chage off excet the 454r intake and screw around with the carb..other then that...i just need to drive it..

on the other hand your 7.25 is just the begining..that monster has sooo much more in it...WHY HECK..look at your ran a 1.80 60ft ..almost 1/2 second slower than mine and still ran just 2 mph slower than my 114mph....what this tells me is that your car is ready to run and will go anytime you decide you want it to go..of course with all safe and dialed in and hooked up...which will take some time..
i been workinbg on mine for over 3 yrs to be able to run 5.90's in a street trim car over 3k lbs...

Chris ( bowtie454) can be my whitness..when he came to my shop almost 2.5 yrs ago to buy a 406 motor..we were working on it...its tuff to get a heavy door car hooked and strolling...but its done everyday..i am proof and you to will soon be proof..

my vette i DO NOT quite feel as challanged to running the low et's..its been there its 1,000 lbs lighter than the camaro and 500 more hp..the vette has seen some 0.90 60 fts on good tracks and consistant 1.12- 1.14 on decent tracks...we shall see i am having too much fun with my camaro now to think about the south we got too much racing left to stop and get to working on something

good luck my friend and thanks for the means a lot to me ..we all put our best into this crazy NEXT !


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