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i spoke with Johnny from APD last Thursday..i spent over 45 minutes on the phone with him...we spoke about my set up and the entire APD Company and how they got started etc...

they custom built me an 1150 cfm alcohol carb with external linkage and told me it would be ready to ship by next monday ( 3 days later) ..i got a call on my cell phone Monday confirming my shipping address and the carb was on my door step thursday....all this took place within 7 days..
the carb was dynoed tuned with spec set up card etc...nice looking piece.

i will have to say i have never spoken with a tech guy that took sooo much time to explain things and act like he didn't mind doing it..

i haven't run the carb yet cause the intake is still getting ported...if we have some good 60 degree days i will run it this year sometime..the good thing is that i can switch back and forth with my gas braswell carb...

so far no problems with APD....Pick up the phone and call them..its been a good experience so far...except the price...ouccccchhhhhh...but as they say you get what you pay for...right ??????:


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