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well I was wanting aluminum but my budget just couldn't bare it right now, maybe in the future I can upgrade. These are some awesome heads. I had them checked out by a local machine shop they have the 230 intakes valves, 1.88 exhaust. 345 cc intake runners, 1.625 springs, manley titainum retainers and they also came with J & D machine shaft mount roller rockers. I got everything for 750 dollars plus shipping, so I got a great deal. I'm getting them decked and having a them cut the o ring grooves alittle deeper and a vavle job while their at it. I dont think I'l be having a cooling problem I got big aluminum radiator, and I'm only gonna be running a short 1/ 8 mile track no street use at all. My friend has some similar world bbc heads except they are the grumpy jenkins version and he has same exact set up as me a 13 to 1 pistons in a 496 and his has never run hot, in fact we have a hard time getting it to warm up on a cool night. after burn out and running down the track in this 100 degree heat its only 180 to 190 at the end of the track.
Thx for the replies, Charles
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