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Default racingjunk does nothing to stop scammers

I was scammed on 5/16/2019 in the amount of $6418 by a guy that goes by Johnson Aiden or Coffi Levismond or Kelvin Stone Mutah and he has a web site that is fake as hell and he uses random addresses and phone numbers are linked to google voice. Check out his site //// I contacted racing junk and this is what they had to say

RacingJunk Support <[email protected]>

Tue, May 28, 11:00 AM (11 days ago)Thank you for contacting us at We cringe when we hear of things like this. We can supply you with any ad, message, or account info if you are taking legal action against this person. If you can fax over documentation that you are taking legal action against them, ie court papers or a letter from an attorney subpoenaing us for the records we can supply them with all the information we have on file.You may want to post your ordeals with this person in the FORUMS section of the site.

Thank you for contacting us at, your comments are always welcome.

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I have found victims of the same scam dating back to 2013 and nothing has been done about it. I have a lot of information about this person or persons and they are gonna get caught. I filed a report with the FBI and the bank he used.
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