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Default Scammer warning!!!

On June 11th I started talking to manners5150 about a Richmond transmission, 5.5 ace triple disc clutch and a quarter master hydraulic throw out bearing. His email is [email protected] and his cell is 510-340-1822. Supposedly his name is Llnny George. I talked him down on the price a couple hundred dollars and decided to take it. After the money reached him he said he would ship. I am part to blame for not using paypal or something similar. Somehow he said my shipping address got tore off and was returned to him. So he said he shipped it again. Guaranteed to be here Monday July 2nd. Well it never arrived and I haven't heard from him since Friday June 29th. I have tried multiple times to contact him since then. I had good conversations with this guy, somehow he made me trust him. This deal cost me $900. So just wanted to put out a warning, be careful when you purchase parts off this site! Is there anything Racingjunk can do about this?

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