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Default 71 Chevelle basket case

I found 71 Chevelle 307/glide combo car that appears to be all original but it is just totally eat up with rust. It will need both rear quarters and most of the floor pan replaced as well as the rear window area replaced, the doors, front fenders, roof and hood are all in pretty good shape. I'm looking at this car a possible prostreet/540 cu. in or better project. I'm not to worried about everything in the trunk area which is also eat up because that would be cut out and thrown away anyway. If I were to acquire this car I'd like to do a back half on it with a 10 or 12 point cage. Will it be worth the effort to try and salvage this car since a lot of the body pieces are going to be cut out anyway? How hard is it to back half and four link the frame of this car?
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