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Default Re: How to by a car on line

Originally Posted by BOXETWINNER
How do you guys pay for a car to be picked up for transportation out of state with out being their in person to make the deal?
You pay for an inspection service to look at it. Ask for a round of pictures and get in writing specifics as to what the motor is, any options, upgrades, rust etc. Once you agree to the deal. Arrange transportation-I recommend DAS Autoshippers if this is your first time. They are decent and reputable.

Once all is arranged, I would wire the money to the seller, unless you wish to use an escrow service that will release the money to him once you get car.

Most importantly, inspect, document, and confirm. Because if you do get scammed in any way you would then have the necesssary documents and facts for personal legal action.

Remember, Inspect, Document and Confirm.

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