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Default Scammer....same old scam with a new twist...

I got a text about my car for sale on RJ this morning, obviously a scammer,as all he asked was the condition and bottom line price. He said he could send the payment in full through Paypal, including shipping charges of $1950.00. I figured I would play along and make him go through the process. After a while he said he made the payment of $32,500....plus $1950.00 shipping and said I should check my email....especially my spam folder...for confirmation. I checked it, and sure enough....there was a phony email from "Paypal" from some idiot saying his name was Mike Moss(?) and the funds were in paypal but...I would have to send $1950.00, cash, out of my pocket to have access to the funds. His phone # is...913 735 3971. His email might be... [email protected]
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