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Default did you atleast get a price? before they didnt respond?

was a price listed? look in the' general discussion ' section and see what a response we have about the NO PRICE ads !! just look and read!! no price no response NO SALE is it too hard to reply or price something you listed to sell? isnt this what this web site is for? the membership is low priced [ if you arent to cheap to buy it ] , the set up is very nice and always improving. its easy to list easy to sell if you have your sh_t together and have a little lady luck.. but some make it difficult. list an ad then not check it, dont put a price but list it for sale . or > the list goes on..... i realize all things dont sell, times are bad, money is tight. but we should put forth some effort if we are serious? just my opinion i dont know didley crap but have made honor payment when i sold something, kept my membership active, and enjoy the site. dont give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everybody isnt bad , sorry for your bad luck, you will hit the jackpot and redeem yourself!!! happy holidays!!!! keep in mind its their loss and there are more parts out there . the thrill of the chase !!! eye of the tiger !!!! maybe leave a message ' sorry they lost the sale from you' :arrow: but you found what you needed!!
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