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I have had a horrible experience with Davison & Associates/Scott Davison. He advertised a 1957 Chevy Belair, 2 door hardtop in good condition with flaws of:not show quality paint, rear windows cracked, no head liner, needs some TLC, minimal body rust, damaged front bench seat, a good driving car while giving it some TLC. Scott had someone get on the phone with me and he claimed it was a, "good car". We negotiated a price and based on his description and the minimal pics he provided I was comfortable with a $1,000. deposit.

Upon driving 1350 miles one way to pick up the car, I observed a plethora of costly, non-disclosed flaws of: hood won't stay open missing springs, chrome hood bar cracked in half, rust holes on the inside of the grill compartment both driver and passenger side beyond repair, the instrument cluster panel was shattered glass, stainless chrome dash trim damaged beyond repair, entire dash in extremely poor condition, the steering column missing trim pieces, kick panels on both sides damaged beyond repair, all interior door panels damaged beyond repair, trim pieces at bottom of head liner damaged, all window trim damaged beyond repair, gold Belair emblems missing or broken, arm rests damaged beyond repair or missing entirely, rocker panels damaged, doors don't close cleanly, stainless side molding on the driver's side damaged, stainless side molding on the driver's side is damaged, trunk does not close cleanly and trunk lid doesn't line up with body, there was a major transmission leak, upon starting the motor had a major vibration sounds indicating the lifters or connecting rods had issues, we were advised the motor was a 350 cubic inch Chevy but upon inspecting the motor it appeared as though there were 400 block Chevy parts on it, the car had been recently under-coated, which due to his lack of disclosure on the overall condition made me very concerned there were more non-disclosed flaws and an attempt to cover them, all chrome would have either need to be replace or re-chromed.

I am of the belief that Sellers have the sole responsibility in the interest of sound business dealings and in a transparent and forthright manner to disclose, disclose, disclose. I believe Scott Davison does not agree with that philosophy.

Needless to say, I didn't buy the car. I traveled 1350 miles one way to come home empty handed. He tried to bring the price down when I was in his shop but it still wasn't even remotely worth that price. Scott Davison left me a voice mail after I filed my deposit dispute impugning my character and advised he had been secretly recording all our conversations and he wanted me to drop the dispute. I gave him my side and told him the condition of the car was not, "good" and was incredibly poor and that I could care less he secretly recorded our conversations. He won't respond to any of my written requests for speedy, fair and honest resolution. I wouldn't do a deal with this guy EVER!!!!! I believe him to be dishonest and not a sound person to do business with.

I have filed complaints with the BBB, The Federal Trade Commission and am now headed over to PayPal to see if there's a forum to warm people of this Seller. My wife has reached out to a friend/client who is an attorney to see what recourse we have through the legal system. Be good to one another, people.

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