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Default 2nd Gen F-body - wheels and tires for NHRA/IHRA Stock class

I know most on here run either brackets or index style cars. I also am aware many are cars running stock suspensions. My project car is a 1979 Firebird (actually a 10th anniversery Trans Am). I'm building this car to run IHRA's crate motor stock class with a 350 330hp motor. It will have the Cal-tracs with the mono leaf springs for the suspension.

Since there are a few of these cars out there. Thought I'd ask to avoid the pitfalls.

First off, on the front of these cars, any special problems to look for as far as tire fit?

How tall a front tire can you run?

Can you use off the shelf wheels?

Or are there any backspace problems I need to be aware of?

The car has factory disc brakes on the front, now. Initially, I'm just going to rebuild the stock brakes (both front and rear) and use them. Down the road, I'll convert it over to something more liteweight. This will be one of those areas that can stand improvement, in both weight savings and performance.

Next, rear wheels. Being an IHRA car, I know I can legally run 10.5 rear tires. I'm just going to go with 9 x 30's. I've not jacked it up to look but I've read that it's a pain to put 10" tires under these bodies. At some point, I may want to convert this car over to run NHRA legal stock.

For 9" tires, use 15 x 8 wheels?

What backspace does anyone recommend?

The car has drum brakes on the rear. I am going to use the factory 10 bolt under the car. It's going to take a trip to Moser for axles, spool and a changeover to housing ends that do away with the c-clips. I've already spoken with them on this and have been informed as to what I need to do.

While I'm asking, what about tire recommendations? Both front runners and slicks. I have been told by another stock class racer that radials are the way to go with an F-body?

Thanks, any help will be appreciated,

Robert Swartz
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