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I run MSD 6AL on all my dirt modified cars... partially because we have a 7800 chip rule, and the MSD chip is what most tracks and racers use.

A few years ago I overheard a conversation debate in the pits at the El Paso Speedway TX, hometown of MSD electronics, that MSD had "sold out and everything has turned to shit over there"... "the quality control has gone to hell, the people are rude, you aren't going to get any help any longer..."

I had previously heard several times before that "you could send your stuff back to them and they would fix it for free"...? I'm sure that is within reason, and/or a warranty situation...? or maybe sponsorship...?
Since that time I have heard guys switching to different ignition brands because they "don't trust" MSD anymore...?

MSD sets up a booth at the USMTS Modified Fall Nationals at Southern NM Speedway in Las Cruces NM, and their information to me about their products new and old was ok...? nothing great, but about what you could expect from a show booth...?

Out of five 6al boxes, I have had only one failure, but it was an old tired box beat around on dirt track abuse several years...

Can anyone else confirm or dispel the MSD buyout changeover...? maybe four or so years ago...???
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