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Originally Posted by TheRabbit
Originally Posted by fast75vega
Originally Posted by fast75vega
rabbit, those shocks coil overs.. pics?
thanks rabbit.... be looking to get some adjustables but my budget hasnt allowed me....

gonna have to go though the parts i got left in my garage... already gave alot away to other guys at the track that really needed

Budget! LOL . I blew right by that the frist month I bought my race truck!!

They do need to be cleaned up, but work fine. You will need the inserts and snap rings in the ends. Two shocks have the hard rubber inserts and I can't find the other ones. When I ordered the new ones I got the wrong ones. Instead of sending them back I just took the inserts out of the old shocks.

rabbit.... those will work great buddy.... i will inbox you my addy.....let me know what ya want for the shipping bro? the one's i got now arent even adjustable at i spent way to much money between all the fiberglass parts and made the last payment on my motor that im putting in this year... plus i still need to new tires for the front before race season and if i can ... i really need a painless wiring harness... my shit is all chopped up from the previous owner :cry:
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