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LMFAO, like I care what YOU think on me, :lol: your so vane Brian it's pathetic.

Your not even worth a reply but what the heck, I figure this will be my last post, I'll keep it brief....

You know nothing about me, my family, our my friends, yet you feel qualified to pass judgement, that really shows charactor, or the lack there of I should say.....
Do us both a favor and just ban me, I asked for it in a earlier post, one you were obviously were too busy to read or this thread would of never happened, so get with the program PHUCKSTICK and BAN ME!!!!

Oh and one more thing....

Your right, Tn ain't far, so bring IT is all I can say... but I'll tell you what, I wouldn't walk across the street to meet your stupid azz, just saying....

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