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Originally Posted by DrivingMissDD
Originally Posted by cepx111
Originally Posted by gearhead1011
cepx111 if you're going to use the kind of language you have in this thread you really ought to take God out of your sig. I think it gives the wrong impression.
Yeah your probably I care what you think :wink:

Both of the original two posters are guilty of letting this thread get 'too hot headed'. "WTF ! Over !"

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
Its all a Joke DD My friend and I wouldn't bite until now.....Charlie pm'ed me over on the classifieds apologzing and so forth a few months back..I told him no problem all is well with me...then he gets on here acting and talking like he was raised in a Cave in IRAN.

At least when he was here on this forum he had manners and didn't use that kind of language...but you know people like him that are followers will act just like the people they are around...

Good luck Charlie you are one weak individual Sir...and yes I would say this standing Nose to Nose with you all 6ft 2 inches 235 lbs of me !!!...Count on it !!....Tn aint that far from S.C....come on over and be my Pit man one weekend and let me show you how a real CAR suppose to run.... and I will teach you some manners to take back with punk .

Read this thread of where ole CEPX111 first went over to YB...the way I read the post was his Ex-wife and Kids have to survive on Welfare because he doesn't give enough support to them to me they would not be getting welfare if he gave them enough to at least Eat....yes folks thats who we are dealing with here....

I dunno you read it and make your own conclusion...

Now I am 100% done with this Clown...stay over on Yb for Good you punk !

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