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Unbiased opinion from a blue belly, who doesn't live in a trailer, but my car does.

It has been proven that the best conditions for a drag engine are:

Staging lane procedures.

Warm oil, thru heaters.... and lukewarm coolant. The oil has started to reach it's best consistency for proper lubrication, less oil pump drag. Lukewarm coolant allows clearances to stabilize, maximizing performance.

For street operation the higher stat will prevent milky oil conditions and allow the optimizing of the oils additives. Don't forget, the rating of the stat is for "in the block" coolant temperature, then it opens. The rest of the cooling system must be capable of lowering this coolant to a suitable temp before it enters the engine again.

Inside the water jackets, the only coolant that absorbs heat is the coolant in contact with the engines passages.... that's the outer boundary layer. Unless there is turbulence inside , so that the "inner" wall of coolant may come into contact with the engines passages, and absorb more heat and carry it away.

If the cooling system isn't bled and air is permitted to remain inside, steam pockets form. The incoming cooler fluid hits the steam or hot spot, boils, and you don't have any thermal exchange, because the coolant is vaporized.

Hope this helps, as my vocabulary most certainly has with this thread :shock: :shock:
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