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Originally Posted by doorracer
Originally Posted by TheEngineer

I guess you race at TRP, I haven't been up there to race in the past two years. Last time was with my 97 Camaro at the CDRA finals in 2007 (I think). But I'm a hard-core racer and been racing all the bracket points events at TVRP for several years. I think I've seen your car before at TVRP (or one that looks like), if it is the one in your avatar.

I have a new tube-chassis Cavalier with electronics package, but I been racing it in No-E. I really like the No-E class and the new 427 stroker will go into the Cavalier. I would like to meet you, so possibly we'll run into each other at a race here in Oklahoma.

Warren Dempsey
You have probably seen my car at the CDRA races. I was at the 2007 bracket finals also. I would love to meet you sometime. I haven't been able to race yet this year, but hope to get out by the end of this month. Is that your car in your avatar? Oh and yes I do race at TRP. I try to run both no-e and s/p depending on the event I am running. See you at the races.

Here is a photo of my new tube-chassis Cavalier. I've having a lot of fun racin it this year.

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