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Originally Posted by jtortorete View Post

Sorry for this late reply, but I am old and slow!! It is a long answer but most old people have nothing but time, so they tend to ramble on.

I believe the mysteries of good converter building was been solved by most well known converter people these days. So I go against the advise of many people an buy from a rather unknown name in the converter business. His success and knowledge does not require him to have a trade mark name, he is will known other wise.

I buy from him because he remembers where is roots came from, and he remembers that, when dealing with the blue collar racer. I would put this products against the best well known names out there. and I do not need to take a loan out on my home to get a good converter.

The key to a good converter is efficiency. It needs to transfer engine performance to the transmission, consistently on every pass, with little loss of efficiency?

All fluid couplings depend today on the years of experience of a builder especially in the materials and parts used to build a converter, plus the best methods to assemble the same.

The trouble converter builders have is the "lies" car owners tell about their engine performance, and the lack of knowledge of a car that owner should know to get a good converter built .

As we all know, "garbage in gives you garbage out". For example, the weight of your car with driver, helps the builder decide what size converter to build, plus other every important information. Not many car owners know that exact weight of their cars.

So now that I have bored you all, but you did read this far, write me back if you are interested in knowing this mystery man.

im curious on who the man is that your talking about. im looking at getting a new converter & ive talked to a few and im pretty sure im going with an individual who has a very good reputation it seems.. so for my mind id like to know .. thanks brian
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