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Good post . . Thank you . . from everybody up here, I think . . .

I have a connection with the Hedrick Engine Program (No secrets divulged, trust me on that!) and they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars looking for a quarter of a horsepower, and more hundreds of thousands making an engine just a little more bulletproof to run 550 miles at 8500 rpm . . So when my buddy tells me something I usually take it for what it's worth.

He has claimed (and I have no reason to doubt him) that with proper oil control devices (Windage control) and just a superior Dry Sump System they pull about 22-24 inches of vacuum and they "free up" about 125-30 HP in their engines . . Plus they get better life out of their piston/rod combinations . .

Rehyer/Morrison claims the same thing . .

You do have to note that actually, neither pump "MAKES" HP, it just "Frees Up" what you're already capable of making . .
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