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Originally Posted by gullion454
I have a 2800lb, backhalved, '95 S-10 with a 10.5:1 360ci SBC. It has a solid cam (254/263 @ .050, lift: 534/555), Dart Iron Eagle heads (64cc, 2.02/1.60), roller rockers, Team G intake, Holley 750 double pumper. It has ladder bars with a Ford 9" and brand new 4:88 gears. The rear tires are 32x13.5 M/T Street Ets. I am running a powerglide trans with a hardened input shaft, 4500 stall converter and a pro brake. I am currently launching at 4300 rpm. I have an electronic shifter that shifts at 6600 rpms. My last year’s best was 7.41 in the 1/8 with a 4:11 gear and manually shifting at 6500 rpm. Last winter in when we added the new gears and the electronic shifter, and now my best is 7.66. I have tried adjusting tire pressure from 13 psi down to 9 psi, stopping at pretty much everything in between, because I was having a bit of trouble getting them to bite. I am thinking that next I will be adjusting the launch rpm and shifting rpm. Any ideas on why I lost .20? Any ideas on where I should look to get it back? Thanks.
I hope I'm not butting in David, but those M/T et slicks go away quickly and should be used on the street. They would hold a 4:11 but won't hold your 4:88. I would put as big of slicks as your truck will allow, no wider than a 14.5. You'll cut a least a tenth off your 60'.
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