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Unless your running forced induction or fuel I would stick with a MSD ( or ?? ) Ign. Mags are tested using 1 HP motors so that they cant drawing that much HP to run. But yes they do take more

Idle quality sucks and they tend to load up. They run great down track !! I ran one for maybe 14 yrs. and finally switched over to a MSD in 2005. I still have the Mag ... just in case.

There is a company called " wyotech " that makes a 2 step and RPM activated on / off switches for the Mallory stuff. I have the guys contact info if needed. He also offered a couple of things for the Vertex Mags too. I think Autometer makes stuff for the Mallory 3's & 4's.

Spud Miller is a great guy to work with as is Don Zig.
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