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Hey dave this isnt helpful to your exact question but I have the XS D1600 battery. It weighs 14 pounds more but has more reserve. I have the 1004 charger. The 1005 charger does 12 and 16 but its 100 more. I figured that I already have 12 volt chargers, no need to spend the extra money. The only thing is if you are going to use an alt then you need there voltage reducer because the alt puts out over 18 volts. With no alt you dont need the reducer but when you go round robin the alt would be good.

Not sure this is what you wanted to know but thats the info I have. By the way I used my charger to charge an older style turbo start without and issues. You will love the way it spins the motor over!

BTW hows the hand doin?
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