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Originally Posted by hammertime
Originally Posted by BEAST477
David have you tried NAPA? I've gotten it there not sure on price.

Mike went there today 25ft 14ga 10 colors its GPT wire which is what waytek and delcity offer as primary wire for auto. RATED BETWEEN -40F AND 176F OR -40C AND 80C 6.95 each so not terrible

I went to home depot today, they dont offer any auto wire and I wont use the other stuff. I checked out the painless stuff and the stuff jegs sells, its a bit pricey compared to other stuff I have looked at. Of course like mentioned ya get what ya pay for.. I may just bite the bullet and buy 100ft or 250ft spools this go around. Wiring race cars has became almost a hobby in itself for me just cant find good wire at a good price.

David go with the TXL wire over the GPT you will like it alot better. We use TXL in all In all are wiring jobs. Matt
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